“Racist Coward” Protesters SHOUTS’ Chuck Schumer worst than Adolf Hitler


An angry  protester heckled senator Chuck Schumer right in the midst of his press briefing. The Senate majority leader was addressing the press on the January 6th investigations in New York City Street when suddenly a protester interrupted him calling the senator, a “racist, coward, anti-semite”. The protester who described themselves as a “transexual, gipsy, said that makes them a minority of colour,” and was heard saying:

“You’re nothing but a racist, I’m glad Donald Trump protested this… I didn’t think that the Trump group had it in them, I didn’t think that the conservatives did, but you know what, you racist… remember this, Adolf Hitler was a socialist.”

Security had to step in between Senator Chuck Schumer and the Protesters as they yelled at him. Their grievances were later revealed to be the increasing push by the Democrats to convert the United States into a socialist state as indicated by the latest spending bill by President Joe Biden. Democrats have included packages believed to be geared towards sponsoring welfare programs for illegal aliens.

The Protesters who were later confirmed to be Democrats called Nancy Pelosi a hypocrite and expressed their disappointment in voting them into office.

Meanwhile, vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 against Covid-19 started on Wednesday, with roughly 28 million school-age kids now eligible for the shots that provide protection against the illness. This was after over 9000 New York employees were placed on unpaid leave for failure to meet up with the deadlines for the vaccine mandate.

Mayor, DeBlasio had put a mandatory vaccination deadline for Monday, 1st November. The pressure forced over 90% of New York City workforce to receive the vaccine against their wishes. With many emergency workers having to chose their means of livelihood over their first amendment rights. The protests against the vaccine mandate fell on deaf ears as DeBlasio went ahead to place over 9000 employees on unpaid leave. The mayor tweeted saying,

“Vaccine mandates work. 91% of our City workforce has gotten vaccinated against #COVID19 and that number is still growing”.

The police department, which employs about 36,000 officers and 19,000 civilian employees, had an 84% vaccination rate as of Monday, de Blasio said. The fire department was at 77% of firefighters and 88% of EMTs. Sanitation’s rate was 83%.

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Also in the news, Florida is not giving up its fight against the federal government as they contest the President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates across the country. Governor DeSantis who since filed lawsuits against the Joe Biden administration said he will keep fighting for the rights of Floridans to go out and work and take care of their families without prejudice from the federal government.

Meanwhile Pensylvania have offered to pay bonuses to employees who get vaccinated before the year runs out. This move, the state government said is being sponsored by a $100 million fund created specifically for this purpose.

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