Learn To Train Your Mind With Mindfulness

How does Mindfulness help us to regulate our emotions and thoughts? According to the definition of Jon Kabat-Zinn (founder and director of the Centers of Minsfulness) this practice would be “the consciousness that arises from paying attention, in an intentional way, to the present moment and without judgment”. It is therefore about intentional attention with

Goulding’s Redecision Therapy: How Does It Work And What Methods Do You Use?

This is how you work in psychology with Goulding’s Redecision Therapy. Goulding’s Redecision Therapy is one of the main schools (or currents) of Transactional Analysis. It is an application of it, and is based above all on the individual’s decisions to achieve therapeutic change. In this article we will tell you how this therapy was

Clear’s Law Of Recurrence: What It Is And How It Describes Communication

What is Clear’s Law of Recurrence? Let’s see what this paradox of the struggle of ideas is like. We live in times of interaction and communication. Technological advance, to which we are inevitably subjected, makes it possible for anyone to access an enormous amount of information in just a few seconds. From the comfort of