What Is A Train Of Action Potentials?

The action potential train, or “spike train” is a widely used concept in neuroscience. A train or chain of action potentials ( spike train in English) is a sequence of temporal records in which a neuron fires electrical signals or nerve impulses. This particular form of communication between neurons is the object of interest and

Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy: Theory And Techniques

This form of psychological intervention developed out of existentialist philosophy. Logotherapy was developed by Viktor Frankl, one of the main representatives of existential analysis. In these interventions, which are aimed at achieving vital meaning, existentialist philosophy had a great influence. In this article we will describe the principles and basic techniques of logotherapy, as well

The Innovative Virtual Reality Therapy And Its Applications

An innovative therapy that has already been reported to be effective in cases of anxiety and depression. Today, depression and anxiety disorders have become the most common mental disorders in our society. Over the years, different methodologies have been proposed to address its treatment. One of the most recent is Virtual Reality Therapy. This form