OMG!! Joe Biden’s Justice Department Is Going After Parents For Calling Out Racist Curriculum


There’s now a snitch line on parents in local schools. This was after a political group requested President Joe Biden to involve the FBI in local school board matters.

The letter which was written by National School Board association to the office of the President has since been acted on with Attorney General directing the FBI to open dedicated line of communication for “threat reporting”.

Speaking on the situation in a Congress hearing, Republican lawmaker, Rep. Jim Jordan called out the attorney General and Joe Biden’s administration for politicising the justice department.

The outspoken lawmaker claims the justice department is not doing enough to stop illegal aliens from marching through our borders but are willing to target innocent parents over what they consider a racist curriculum.

“The Biden Justice Department is going to go after parents who object to some racist, hate America curriculum. Where is the dedicated lines of communication with local leaders regarding our Southern border, something that frankly is a federal matter? Where is the dedicated lines of communication on violent crime in our cities? Violent crime that has went up in every major urban area where Democrats have defunded the police. Nope. Can’t do that. Can’t focus on the southern border where 1.7 million illegal encounters have happened this year alone. A record. A record number. MS-13 can just waltz right across the border. But the Department of Justice, they are going to open up a snitch line on parents.


A few weeks ago the IG at the Department of Justice released a report that found the FBI made over 200 errors, omissions, and lies in just 29 randomly selected FISA applications. But don’t worry, the Attorney General of the United States just put them in charge of a dedicated line of communication to report on parents who attend school board meetings.

Mr. Chairman, Americans are afraid. For the first time during my years in public office, the first time, I talked to the good folks I get the privilege of representing in the fourth district of Ohio, folks all around the country. They tell me for the first time they fear their government.



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