NEW!! Dozens Of Airforce Workers Protests Against Joe Biden


Dozens of protesters storm Hill air force base Thursday morning in protests of the vaccine mandate and Joe Biden in particular. The protesters who claim to be part of the workforce at the Hill airforce base began gathering a little before 7 a.m. at the corner of 5600 South and Freeway Park Drive in Roy. Many of them were civilian employers at the base.

The Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate ordered that active duty personnel need to be fully vaccinated against COVID by Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Air National Guard and Air Force reserve personnel have a December 2 deadline. And There have been vaccine clinics at Hill Air Force Base for months leading up to this.


The secretary of the airforce had stated the importance of the airforce and her security personnel globally as the excuse for this mandate. Saying, being fully vaccinated will help us safely meet the readiness requirements that our national security depends on.”


According to the Airforce magazine, nearly 95% of all active duty Airforce members have been vaccinated.

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Meanwhile in New York City, thousands of protesters stand against vaccine mandates, saying ‘F*** Joe Biden’.


The protesters were majorly unvaccinated people calling Joe Biden out on his vaccine mandate.

The activists, many of whom were municipal employees, marched across the Brooklyn Bridge. There are reportedly 50,000 city workers who haven’t been vaccinated.


Some States have since made laws in opposition to the vaccine mandate with Government Abbott championing that cause.

With the vaccine mandate drawing lots of criticism from Americans, the president and his cohorts still do not feel its right to roll back the vaccine mandate. In one particular scenario, New York’s De Blasio will be laying off thousands of workers that do not take the vaccine. It has now become an issue of the state trying to force a vaccine on its citizens. As long as this mandate remains, these protests will surely keep increasing.


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