Live Vidoe: ‘Think we Suck blood out of kids,Biden’s reply to “defund police” arguement leaves reporter and citizens shocked

Screenshot of tweeted video

Joe Biden: are they people who think we suck blood out of kids…

Screenshot of tweeted video

The very disturbing moment was captured by CBS during an exchange between Joe Biden and one of their reporters.

The reporter only made a remark,asking if any Democrat supports defunding the police. In Biden’s reply,he opted that non does,which ofcourse is an obvious lie. The Democrats actually held defund police campaigns in many cities. And even now,Dems’ in congress still do.

Watch video here

Biden’s response is attracting attention. A savvy pol who had his wits about him would use the opportunity to distance himself from the defund radicals whose policies are contributing to spiking murder rates across the country — actually killing people — and present himself as a sensible moderate who has public safety in mind.

When pressed further with the question, Biden leans toward the reporter and says “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?” yes POTUS said that!

This is the first thing thatpopped into Joe Biden’s head in response to a reasonable and factual question,about public safety. If people hold any belief to democrats sucking blood out of kids

Shortly after making this bizarre, aggressive response, Biden walked away as if he had just had a mic drop victory in a rap battle. The reporter’s befuddlement is evident, the shock was extraordinary.


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