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Dolphin Assisted Therapy: Acoustic Waves That Heal

Therapy based on the companionship of these aquatic animals has proven useful and promising. The dolphin is a peculiar animal characterized by its intelligence, its sociability, its character, its creativity and its lifestyle. But this cetacean is not interesting simply because of its iconic looks or ingenuity. Among all its peculiarities, the transmission of acoustic

The 15 Common Habits Of Happy People

What do happy and optimistic people do to face the day to day? The  happiest people have different ways of thinking and acting. Their actions and their positive attitude towards others and life in general, helps them maintain a more lasting state of happiness. But how do these people interpret the world? What steps do

Sugar Addiction: The Disease Of The 21st Century

We explain the causes, symptoms and characteristics of this sweet addiction. Soft drinks, industrial pastries, dairy desserts, ketchup, alcoholic beverages … These are all common foods in our Western diet: highly caloric, highly palatable and rich in added sugars. To this list could be added, among many others, the cereals that we consume for breakfast,