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Struggle Paradigms In Psychology

Almost from its inception, Psychology has been a field of knowledge full of internal frictions. Traditionally, the field of psychology has been looking more like a battlefield  than a cumulative field of scientific knowledge. The contestants in that battle have varied throughout its relatively short history. And I say relative, because psychology has always existed,

The 7 Main Psychodynamic Theories

From the ideas proposed by Sigmund Freud other conceptions of the human mind emerged. If we think of psychotherapy, the image that probably comes to mind is that of an individual lying on a couch explaining his problems to a psychologist sitting behind him while he takes notes and asks questions. However, this image does

Avicenna’s Dualist Theory

This great philosopher was one of the great thinkers of the Muslim world in the Middle Ages. Practically since the beginning of philosophy, dualism, the idea that the body and the soul are two radically different elements, has permeated the way of thinking of many people. It is a belief that fits very easily with

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

EI examines the importance of the emotional facet as a key element in intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is one of the key concepts to understand the direction that psychology has taken in recent decades. From a model primarily concerned with mental disorders on the one hand and reasoning abilities on the other, it has passed to