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The Innovative Virtual Reality Therapy And Its Applications

An innovative therapy that has already been reported to be effective in cases of anxiety and depression. Today, depression and anxiety disorders have become the most common mental disorders in our society. Over the years, different methodologies have been proposed to address its treatment. One of the most recent is Virtual Reality Therapy. This form

Intelligence Is Inherited From The Mother, Reveals Science

Genetics and intelligence: what are the main predictors of intellectual capacity? The intelligence is one of the most recurrent themes in Psychology and Mind . In addition to having a  whole section dedicated to various monographs, research and theories on intelligence, today we echo a particularly interesting topic. Intelligence: is it inherited … from the

Do Video Games Make Us Violent?

Is it true that violent-themed video games generate violent behavior in their players? For many years, the media  have fueled the rumor that violent video games represent a very important risk factor in the development of behaviors of the same nature in young people.  Even for a time, it was hinted that role-playing games were