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The 40 Best Phrases Of Barack Obama

A compilation of reflections of one of the most influential politicians in the history of America. The name of Barack Obama has been widely known throughout the world for a few years. A lawyer and politician of the Democratic Party, he rose in politics to become a Senator for the Democratic Party and finally managed

The 8 Worst Pains That Humans Suffer

These eight types of pain are absolutely unbearable. Throughout hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and natural selection, the human body has been polishing various ways to avoid dangerous situations.  One of them is something as basic as the development of pain receptors, or nociceptors, which are spread over many areas of our body,

Nacho Coller: ‘i Believed That Being A Psychologist Would Control My Depression; What A Mistake ‘

This psychologist talks about depression from his dual perspective as a therapist and ex-patient. Nacho Coller is one of the most interesting voices in Spain in the dissemination of Psychology. His carefree style and close to explaining his experiences and opinions regarding his life and his profession as a psychologist have led him, in addition