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The 40 Best Phrases Of Barack Obama

A compilation of reflections of one of the most influential politicians in the history of America. The name of Barack Obama has been widely known throughout the world for a few years. A lawyer and politician of the Democratic Party, he rose in politics to become a Senator for the Democratic Party and finally managed

The 15 Best Phrases And Reflections Of Jordi Évole

This brilliant journalist knows how to portray the putrid Spanish political scene like no one else. Jordi Évole, born in 1974 in Cornellà (Barcelona), is a well-known face on Spanish television. Comedian, scriptwriter and presenter, Évole began his television adventure as a scriptwriter in the different late-shows that Andreu Buenafuente presented. With his mythical character

69 Sentences About Struggle And Effort

Various aphorisms and reflections on effort and the ability to give everything for a goal. Fight phrases are a motivational tool to remind ourselves that striving to achieve goals allows us to take obstacles not as problems, but as signs of progress. Life itself is full of challenges, from the time we are born to

The 40 Best Famous Phrases Of Epicurus

We review great famous quotes from the hedonistic genius of Ancient Greece. Epicurus (341 BC – 270 BC), better known as Epicurus of Samos, was an exceptional Greek philosopher and thinker, pioneer of the school that bore his name, Epicureanism. His theories developed the postulates of atomism and rational hedonism. Always in search of pleasure,

The 70 Best Phrases Of Rapper Kase.o

The leader of the band Violadores del Verso is recognized as a true urban poet. Kase.O is the stage name of Javier Ibarra Ramos, a well-known Spanish rapper who became popular in the rap group  Violadores del Verso. In addition to his connection to this well-known group, he has made three solo albums and is