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Mednick’s (and Other Authors) Associationist Theory Of Creativity

Mednick’s associationism offers a starting point from which to study this ability. Associationism was in its beginnings a philosophical approach that affirmed that human thought operated by associating a state with other successor states. The British associationists, among whom John Locke and David Hume stand out, argued that this principle of association applied to all

Psychopathy: What Happens In The Psychopath’s Mind?

The behavior and thoughts of psychopaths differ from those of a healthy person. What is a psychopath ? In his work “Antisocial personalities” (1994), David Lykken explores psychopathic and sociopathic personalities, the different subtypes that exist of them and the role played by personal and socialization factors that intervene in the genesis of violence against

Symptoms And Signs Of Personality Disorders

What characterizes the different types of personality disorders? We found out. We’ve all heard how someone calls another person  paranoid ,  antisocial ,  narcissistic,  or  obsessive-compulsive.  They are ways of speaking, so we do not have to give it more importance, but we must be aware that these “adjectives” are personality disorders that cause enormous