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The 8 Worst Pains That Humans Suffer

These eight types of pain are absolutely unbearable. Throughout hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and natural selection, the human body has been polishing various ways to avoid dangerous situations.  One of them is something as basic as the development of pain receptors, or nociceptors, which are spread over many areas of our body,

Suxidin: Uses And Side Effects Of This Medicine

This drug is used to treat disturbances of the digestive tract caused by stress. Gastrointestinal symptoms are some of the most frequent manifestations when we are exposed to excessive nervous tension. To treat these manifestations there are numerous remedies, among which is pharmacology. Suxidin is precisely a drug used to treat digestive system diseases related

Sugar Addiction: The Disease Of The 21st Century

We explain the causes, symptoms and characteristics of this sweet addiction. Soft drinks, industrial pastries, dairy desserts, ketchup, alcoholic beverages … These are all common foods in our Western diet: highly caloric, highly palatable and rich in added sugars. To this list could be added, among many others, the cereals that we consume for breakfast,