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Gamification: Taking Games Beyond Leisure

A concept that, put into practice, can generate video games at a level never seen before. Competitiveness, socialization and fun are some of the most important elements that characterize the games; whether they are tabletop, electronic or traditional. All of them end up generating feelings of involvement and engagement in the players that considerably improve

The Best Training In Mindfulness

Several options to learn the basic tools to benefit from Mindfulness. For a few decades now, we have witnessed how the world has been transformed and how profound social change has taken place. Due to the rhythm of Western societies, many people live on automatic pilot, without stopping to experience the present moment or to

The 7 Most Relevant Factors In The Quality Of Academic Performance

These are the main physical and psychological factors that influence academic success. At the time of study, there are many factors that influence the final capacity that the student will have to internalize the learning contents with greater or less competence. As we will see below, both the physical and psychological aspects will be equally

Positive Punishment And Negative Punishment: How Do They Work?

These two behavior modification techniques have been used in education and in psychotherapies. People behave differently depending on the situation. We try to adapt our behavior to the situations we live in, so that it is adaptive in the natural and social environment. However, in some cases different behaviors are carried out that are maladaptive