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Nacho Coller: ‘i Believed That Being A Psychologist Would Control My Depression; What A Mistake ‘

This psychologist talks about depression from his dual perspective as a therapist and ex-patient. Nacho Coller is one of the most interesting voices in Spain in the dissemination of Psychology. His carefree style and close to explaining his experiences and opinions regarding his life and his profession as a psychologist have led him, in addition

Ohtahara Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

This is one of the earliest epilepsy diseases, since it appears in newborns. During childhood, especially after birth or during the gestation period, it is relatively common for neurological diseases to manifest as the result of genetic imbalances or alterations during this delicate phase of life. This is what happens, for example, with an epileptic-type

Augmentative And Alternative Communication Systems (saac): An Aid For Speech

Those with disorders that prevent normal speech can use these tools. In the last decades, very sophisticated augmentative and alternative communication systems (SAAC) have been developed that are based on the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones. However, these methods have been around since the beginning of history and sometimes do not require

What Are The Cognitive-behavioral Techniques To Treat Anxiety?

Review of the forms of cognitive-behavioral intervention for patients with anxiety disorders. The prevalence of anxiety disorders in the world population is very high. Some studies consider them the most prevalent mental disorders, and others, the second most prevalent. Cognitive-behavioral techniques for anxiety are among the most used for this type of disorder. In this