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The Psychological Problems Derived From Infertility

Sometimes, the problems when it comes to conceiving children are reflected in psychological problems. Psychological well-being arises, at least in part, from our way of experiencing what happens to us throughout our lives. In other words: our mental health is always linked to what happens around us, what happens beyond our brains. This is clearly

Emotional Abuse: 30 Signs You Should Withdraw From Your Partner

Psychological abuse can have devastating consequences for the victim. Most people know what physical abuse is, but when it comes to emotional abuse, people tend not to label it the same way. While physical abuse leaves visible marks, emotional abuse can have significant psychological consequences and this is worth acknowledging. Signs of emotional abuse in

The 12 Invisible Effects Of Mental Abuse

This subtle form of violence is difficult to detect, and its consequences are devastating. Psychological abuse is often the hardest type of abuse to recognize because its scars are not visible to the naked eye. Unlike physical and sexual abuse, it does not leave marks, wounds or other physical evidence. On the other hand, psychological