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Mednick’s (and Other Authors) Associationist Theory Of Creativity

Mednick’s associationism offers a starting point from which to study this ability. Associationism was in its beginnings a philosophical approach that affirmed that human thought operated by associating a state with other successor states. The British associationists, among whom John Locke and David Hume stand out, argued that this principle of association applied to all

The Downward Arrow Technique: What It Is And How It Is Used In Therapy

This tool is used in psychotherapy to detect the basic beliefs of the patient. Our thoughts are cognitive products that are shaped by these beliefs, which in more conscious phases take the form of assumptions that explain what happens if certain conditions are met. However, behind all this there are our most basic core beliefs,

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

EI examines the importance of the emotional facet as a key element in intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is one of the key concepts to understand the direction that psychology has taken in recent decades. From a model primarily concerned with mental disorders on the one hand and reasoning abilities on the other, it has passed to