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Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy: Theory And Techniques

This form of psychological intervention developed out of existentialist philosophy. Logotherapy was developed by Viktor Frankl, one of the main representatives of existential analysis. In these interventions, which are aimed at achieving vital meaning, existentialist philosophy had a great influence. In this article we will describe the principles and basic techniques of logotherapy, as well

The Innovative Virtual Reality Therapy And Its Applications

An innovative therapy that has already been reported to be effective in cases of anxiety and depression. Today, depression and anxiety disorders have become the most common mental disorders in our society. Over the years, different methodologies have been proposed to address its treatment. One of the most recent is Virtual Reality Therapy. This form

Parturiphobia (phobia Of Childbirth): Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

The pathological fear of childbirth can have serious health implications for many women. Parturiphobia or tocophobia is the pathological fear of labor. Far from being an isolated experience, parturiphobia is a fairly common phenomenon among women of reproductive age. For this reason, there have been several psychiatric and psychological studies that have addressed it. Here

Ohtahara Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

This is one of the earliest epilepsy diseases, since it appears in newborns. During childhood, especially after birth or during the gestation period, it is relatively common for neurological diseases to manifest as the result of genetic imbalances or alterations during this delicate phase of life. This is what happens, for example, with an epileptic-type