Month: June 2021

The 15 Best Phrases And Reflections Of Jordi Évole

This brilliant journalist knows how to portray the putrid Spanish political scene like no one else. Jordi Évole, born in 1974 in Cornellà (Barcelona), is a well-known face on Spanish television. Comedian, scriptwriter and presenter, Évole began his television adventure as a scriptwriter in the different late-shows that Andreu Buenafuente presented. With his mythical character

Transformational Leadership: What Is It And How To Apply It To Teams?

This leadership role is based on the idea of ​​creating collective and empathic work dynamics. Transformational leadership represents a new milestone when it comes to managing teams and establishing work dynamics in which everyone wins. Transformational leaders are those who directly influence the changes that take place in society, have  exceptional charisma and are concerned

What Are The Cognitive-behavioral Techniques To Treat Anxiety?

Review of the forms of cognitive-behavioral intervention for patients with anxiety disorders. The prevalence of anxiety disorders in the world population is very high. Some studies consider them the most prevalent mental disorders, and others, the second most prevalent. Cognitive-behavioral techniques for anxiety are among the most used for this type of disorder. In this

Mednick’s (and Other Authors) Associationist Theory Of Creativity

Mednick’s associationism offers a starting point from which to study this ability. Associationism was in its beginnings a philosophical approach that affirmed that human thought operated by associating a state with other successor states. The British associationists, among whom John Locke and David Hume stand out, argued that this principle of association applied to all