Month: April 2021

The 14 Cult Films That You Cannot Miss

Films somewhat strange and that were not commercially successful … but that you must see. The world of audiovisual production is probably the sector and most influential factor in culture at a global level, but it should be noted that the alma mater of this business is held by the American factory Hollywood, where the

Glabellar Reflex: What Is It And How Is It Produced

This physiological phenomenon helps to detect lesions in the nervous system. Reflexes are quick reactions that occur when you have contact with a specific stimulus, or in a specific way. The glabellar reflex is one of these reactions that does not involve the higher functions of consciousness at all. Let’s see how it is. Related

The 10 Best Universities To Study Hr

Selection of the best universities to attend to train in Human Resources. University training in Human Resources is one of the academic fields that has been gaining more importance in recent years. Selecting the right workers for the mission and values ​​of the company is fundamental to building the future of many companies. Choosing the

The 17 Characteristics Of Romanticism

The main characteristics of Romanticism, a fundamental artistic movement in History. Romanticism was an artistic, cultural and literary movement that took place mainly on the European continent between the 18th and 19th centuries. The romantics are characterized, among many other things, in creating a movement counter to what the Enlightenment and Neoclassicism, very close in