Month: February 2021

The 4 Types Of Contextual Therapy: What They Are And What Are They Based On

Contextual therapy perceives the person as a being in constant interaction with their environment. Throughout the history of psychology, therapies have evolved from a predominantly philosophical perspective to a much more empirical approach, thus developing behavioral therapies (first generation therapies) or cognitive-behavioral (second generation). However, this trend is going down; being contextual therapies, or third

An Experiment Reveals What The Physically Perfect Man Is Like In 19 Countries

The image of any man was photoshopped according to the aesthetic criteria of each country. Last year, a group of UK-based doctors asked 19 graphic designers from different countries to photoshop a woman’s image to represent the beauty standards of different countries. For this , the graphic designers were sent a photograph of a woman

Acrophobia (fear Of Heights): What Is It And How To Overcome It?

Extreme fear of heights can turn pathological if not treated through psychotherapy. There is a wide variety of phobias; practically any situation that we can imagine can become the focus of a pathological fear. Acrophobia, or fear of heights that is extreme, is one of those types of phobias that, in different degrees of intensity,