Month: January 2021

The Existentialist Theory Of Albert Camus

This philosopher developed one of the most influential theories about the meaning of life. Existentialism is one of the philosophical currents that have most influenced contemporary thought and the history of Psychology. Because of its influence, for example, the  Humanist Psychology of  Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, among others, appeared, authors who strongly emphasized the

Kretschemer’s Theory: The Relationship Between Body And Temperament

This old model of personality links a way of being to each type of physical constitution. Trait-centered explanations have not always reigned in the study of personality. At the beginning of the last century, several proposals for somatic explanations began to appear, such as the Kretschemer biotype, which descended from a way of understanding psychology

Paratymy: Symptoms And Causes Of Affectivity Disturbance

Parathymia has to do with an abnormal way of expressing emotions. Let’s see how it is. The psychopathology of affectivity is a specific field of psychology that encompasses the different disorders or alterations of affectivity, that is, those that are related to feelings, emotions and affects. Today we will talk about a specific alteration: parathymia.

17 Questions About Neurosciences, And Their Answers

Several questions about the brain and the biological processes that govern it. Neurosciences are, in many aspects, the basis of current psychology, which allows the theories and models that try to explain behavior and mental processes to be structured. Knowing how the nervous system works, and in particular our brain, helps to propose hypotheses that