Month: November 2020

Machiavellian Intelligence Theory: What Exactly Is It?

This theory explains how competition between individuals could have generated larger brains. The evolution of the human brain in comparison with other animals, specifically with primates, is still a mystery under constant investigation. Arousing many debates since the English naturalist Charles Darwin exposed his theory of evolution to the world in 1859. One of the

10 Reasons Why Psychological Therapy May Not Work

Possible failures or limitations in psychological intervention. The reasons that lead individuals to go to psychological therapy to solve a disorder or overcome the discomfort they feel are different and varied. Many think it will be easy and will not have to strain through the process, others will resist change, and others may be misdiagnosed.

Criminal Psychology: Characteristics And Objectives Of This Applied Science

Let’s see the characteristics of this branch of psychology applied to criminal behavior. Criminal psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on studying the criminal process, explaining it, understanding how and why it has happened, and thus trying to prevent it. The history of this discipline is very long and the theories and fields

The 7 Best Courses For Companies

We present the best and most recommended professional courses for companies. Nowadays, some companies may require some external help to achieve their objectives, improve their productivity and performance, or make their employees feel fulfilled, comfortable and committed to the common project. Luckily, we currently have a wide variety of courses that can be used by