Month: October 2020

What Must Be Done To Benefit From Online Therapy?

The fundamental guidelines to harness the potential of online psychotherapy as patients. Online therapy is a rapidly expanding form of counseling; More and more people demand it, and more and more mental health professionals are incorporating this form of intervention in patients into their services. This change is taking place rapidly, and for this reason

How To Have A Productive Confinement: 10 Tips

Guidelines and tips to make the most of your time during home confinement. With the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we have been confined at home for several days (and many remain). How to take advantage of time during confinement? In this article we will look at some key ideas on how to

The 4 Types Of Antivalues, And Examples

These beliefs and attitudes cause pain, discomfort and injustice in us or in society. Anti-values, although little known, are one of the most important components of morale. Or rather, of immorality. And it is that although we usually talk about the ethics behind our actions emphasizing what must be done, focusing on the positive (or

12 Movies About Bullying That We Should All See

Various audiovisual works that help to understand all the devastating effects of bullying. Bullying or bullying is a social scourge that a large number of children and adolescents still suffer at school today. This problem, although it has always existed, has not received great social visibility until relatively few years ago. However, this does not

Intervention In Phobias: The Exposure Technique

This psychotherapy resource allows you to find new ways to manage fear and anxiety. The so-called exposure techniques are defined as the set of psychological and behavioral procedures through which a person can learn to face those situations that produce intense anxiety-related discomfort. These types of phenomena are usually related to a certain feared object